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In 1809, Darke Co. was formed from Miami Co. which administered it until 1817 when Greenville, site of the fort where the important Treaty of Greene Ville was signed in 1795, was established as the seat of county government. Darke Co. was named for Captain William Darke (1755-1801) who fought in the Revolutionary War, served in the Virginia state convention which approved the U.S. Constitution in 1788, and commanded a Virginia regiment in the Northwest Territory.
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Darke Co. GENEALOGICAL RESEARCHERS   Where it all began!!  Since January 1996, before the Projects, Jane Barr Torres and her DCO List Members have lead the pack for genealogical research on the Internet for Darke Co.
  • WELCOME to Darke Co. Ohio History Network
  • Darke Co. GENEALOGY FAIR founded March 1996
  • DarkeMan's REALM Some links only


    COMBINED INDEX: 1820-1850 & 1880 All covered years & all townships included in one index
    INDEXED by TOWNSHIP Links to the Jane's census pages organized by township
    1820 Census USGenWeb Census Project transcription
    1825 Census Men over age 21 in 1825
    1830 Census USGenWeb Census Project transcription
    1840 Census USGenWeb Census Project transcription
    1850 Census USGenWeb Census Project transcription
    1850 Census INDEX Heads of Household Index to the 1850 Darke Co., OH, census. Find page number to view at images site below
    1850 Census IMAGES Images of actual pages of original 1850 census. Use index (above) to find which page to view
    1860 Census INDEX Index of the 1860 census sorted by surname & township
    1880 Census INDEX Index of the 1880 census sorted by surname & township

    EARLY MARRIAGES 1817-1850. Brides & Grooms in a combined index.
    Darke Co. TOWNSHIPS
    Tom Midlam's computer-drawn MAPs
  • TOWNSHIP INDEX Township pages index which includes links to the Jane's census pages organized by township and some township histories.
  • LANDS & OWNERS Townships, early land purchasers, and 1967 plat maps.
  • TOWNS Some information about the towns of Darke Co.
  • Darke Co. TOWNS IN 1860 Entries extracted from the 1860-61 Ohio Gazeteer.
  • 1875 ATLAS Web presentation (maps & text) of the 1875 Atlas of Darke Co.
  • TRI-VILLAGES Hollansburg, New Madison, & Palestine schools

    Publications, Applications,
    Membership, Officers.
    Headquartered at the Garst Museum
    FAMILY HISTORIES Books at Garst Museum.
    SOCIETY BOOKSTORE DCGS Bookstore with Order Form.
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    LINEAGE SOCIETY MEMBERS Ancestors proven by members.
    SURNAME FILES at Garst Museum.

    Other Darke Co., Ohio, Sites
    (including commercial)

    Darke Co Infirmary
    Scanned "Pauper's Register" records
  • New QUERIES (2001+)
  • Archived QUERIES & SURNAME REGISTRATIONS (1996-2001)

    Browser-submitted information
  • Biography & Family History 200+
  • Obituaries 600+
  • Queries 1800+
  • Private Records Bibles, letters, reunions, etc.
  • Public Records Wills & Estates, Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death, Pensions, etc.
  • Genealogical Community Bulletin Board Announcements, resources, events, etc.
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY & LOOKUPS Find Darke Co. researchers who will do lookups in selected volumes. Add your name if you can help! Also find information about the Wright State University Archives (in Dayton, OH) of microfilms of the local records. Contact them on-line!!
  • BIOGRAPHIES Some biographical transcriptions see also: Biography & Family History Board
  • BIRTHS/DEATHS General information about early births & deaths in Darke Co
  • BURIALS Some Darke Co. burials 1928-1996
  • CEMETERIES INDEX All known cemeteries in Darke Co. with links to township maps showing their location.
  • CEMETERIES List of out-of-print cemetery transcription books and sample readings.
  • CEMETERY PHOTOS Growing collection of photos from some Darke Co. cemeteries.
  • CIVIL WAR MEMORIAL Rosters & partial listing of Darke Co. veterans
  • FAMILY GROUP SHEET PROJECT Browser-submitted group sheets for Darke Co.
  • HALL OF PIONEERS Browser-submitted list of pre-1851 Ancestors
  • A PIONEER HISTORY Long's 1901 book about early Wayne Twp
  • ONE-WAY TICKET TO KANSAS Autobiography of Frank M Stahl (early chapters describe his life in Adams Twp, Darke Co., OH, circa 1850)

    Photo-essay: Migration Maps, Ohio Maps, Signing The Treaty of Green Ville in 1795 (artist's recreation and text of the Treaty), Townhips & Histories, 1880 Map.

  • GARST MUSEUM Home of Darke Co. Historical Society (has Genealogy Room)
  • GALLERY Darke Countians of the past.
  • ALBUM Bernice Bonham Koonce collection.
  • SCENERY Contemporary Darke Co. features.
  • GenFORUM Bulletin Board for Darke Co.
  • GENEXCHANGE for Darke Co.
  • RootsWeb RESOURCES for Darke Co.
  • USGenWeb ARCHIVES for Darke Co.

    Over 565,000 genealogical index entries from area publications. Useful for locating records about those who lived in Darke (and neighboring counties) before 1900

    Resources for Darke Co. Researcher Networking
    DCO BOOKSTORE. Visitors can find other titles with relationships to Darke Co. History and Genealogy for sale by private parties. If you have something for sale about Darke County, submit it to Jane Torres for this page.

    JOIN DCO DISCUSSION LIST Begun in December 1995, the Darke Co. Discussion List has been available for researchers of Darke Co. families. Share your research and get help from others. Listmembers often offer lookups in Darke Co. source books they own and share their families' experiences in Darke Co. Simply click on words "JOIN DCO DISCUSSION LIST" above and follow directions for subscribing to the DARKE-OH-L List. That URL also provides access to the NEW list archives. Problems? Contact Jane Torres for extra subscription instructions. After successfully subscribing, you will receive a welcome message and password. SAVE THAT MESSAGE for future reference. Send new list messages to DARKE-OH-L@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU

    Research in Darke County
    Click to read about ---->  Places to do research in Greenville, Ohio

            The Genealogy Room at the Garst Museum is your 'best bet' to begin a documents search in Darke Co.  All of the early Court House records have been microfilmed and they are available in the Genealogy Room.  What can't be found there, staff can direct you to at other locations in the county.  US Mail inquiries regarding documents and their costs & availability should be directed to Phyllis Crick / c/o Garst Museum / 205 N Broadway / Greenville, OH 45331-2222.  Always included SASE for her reply. No research is done by Staff at the Probate Court or Court House.  No genealogical questions will be answered on the phone to the Museum.
            see also: Darke Co. Genealogical Society where it is explained that a $2 donation to the Society gets a survey of what is available for a specific surname request and cost of copying/mailing. Research by Genealogy Room Staff is $10/hour plus copying and mailing costs.
            [Microfilmed Records are also available at Wright State University in Dayton, OH (about 40 miles away). See their site for costs and access. E-mail inquiries to WSU Library Staff.]

    Darke Co. Probate Court
    300 Garst Ave
    Greenville, OH 45331

    Garst Museum
    205 N Broadway
    Greenville, OH45331
    Birth & Death records from 1867 to 1908, Marriage Records and Probate Records from 1817 are held by the Probate Court.
    (also on microfilm at Garst Museum)
    Early Wills, Estates, Probates (dockets #1-#5818) are handled at the Garst Museum
    Darke Co. Genealogical Society and Historical Society files are at the Garst Museum

    205 N Broadway / Greenville, OH 45331
    Darke Co. Health Dept
    300 Garst Ave
    Greenville, OH 45331

    Greenville Public Library
    520 Sycamore St
    Greenville, OH 45331

    Migrations to and from Darke Co.

    Click SEARCH button below to access information at another site concerning those migrating to and from Darke Co., OH. If you wish to submit new data yourself, click SUBMIT button and follow directions. There is no link -back- to this Darke Co. Genealogy page at the other sites so use your BACK key as many times as necessary to return to this page.

    To search for SURNAMES in the Migrations database, use this link:

    Darke County Migrations Data
    View Ohio Migrations page
    Darke County Migrations Data
    View Migrations entry page

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